Livin' That Bleached Life

Hiya everyone, hope you're alright! 

Today I am going to talk about my own hair experiences and then talk about a shampoo which I've been using for about 2 weeks now. The Pro·Voke Twice A Week Brightening Shampoo.

So, the history of my hair. Prepare yourself. It is naturally medium brown, then I got highlights. Then I dyed it chocolate brown. Then I dyed it darker brown but bleached a panel underneath blonde. Then I dyed the blonde bit pink. Then I bleached the pink bit blonde again. Then I died the top half black and the blonde bit bright neon orange. Then I died it all black for about a year. Then I stripped that and attempted to ombre it brown and blonde (miserably failed, as you can imagine) Then I dyed it purple. Then red. Then purple again. Then a dark brown and I decided to grow out my roots to get my natural colour back. I managed to get it to a nice brown colour which was natural about half way down my head then dyed to match the roots for the rest of the length.
As you can probably tell, I love to change my hair and get bored with it very quickly. I discovered Bleach London early this year and absolutely adored the way they dye/bleach/style hair. I love the grungey/90s colours & styles. I decided I wanted to ombre it, keep my roots dark and bleach the ends from about my ear level down. For once I decided not to do it myself at home and took a trip to Bleach. I haven't looked back since. Honestly, I do not understand how I even left the house with the rubbish that I managed to pull off at home. (Grace (my hairdresser) if you ever read this, thank you, you babe. You've saved me from my naaasty arse hair)
Anyway, I've had my ends bleached twice at the salon. The first time it lifted to quite a brassy, orange blonde. Looked nice, but not the colour I was aiming for. The second time, it lightened to more of a creamy blonde but still had a lot of orange/yellow undertones which I wasn't looking for. I've noticed that this has obviously damaged my hair quite a bit so I'm trying to leave it a couple of months before I visit the salon again and I'm trying to tone it myself at home.
I've purchased the Bleach London White Toner which works wonders. Really makes a noticeable difference after every use. Then I saw an advert for 
Pro·Voke Brightening Shampoo and I thought I'd give it a go. Honest to jebus, if you are looking to tone your blonde hair please please try this product. It smells gorgeous, like medicated bubblegum and makes your hair look so different after every use! A lot of my brassiness has faded and I'm more of a light yellow blonde now so, it's definitely doing what it says on the tin. I have only been using it for a couple of weeks and I am seriously impressed. Definitely give this one a go.


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