London Fashion Week

Hiya everyone! Hope you're all okay! 
So, yesterday I bought my Luxe London Fashion Week tickets and I am about to cry with excitement. I have pretty much already sorted my outfit for it so, I thought I'd share it with you. 

Here is the whole outfit pieced together and below, I will go into the details of each item.

I saw this silver crescent moon choker and completely fell in love. It's simple but so beautiful. I purchased this from a company called DITskyjewellery on Etsy. $11.50
This is an absolutely gorgeous pointed charged crystal pendant I also purchased from Etsy. From a cute company called Triquetra Boutique. I thought this slightly longer chain would look really nice paired with the choker above. $24.79
I bought this paisley print scarf from Selfridges. It is by Sandro and it was originally priced at £135, down to £94.50 then down again to £67.50! *Bargain alert* 

I think this is the bag I will be taking with me, could change my mind! It is the Michael Kors Hamilton East/West satchel. £285.00

I've paired these two together because I've literally bought the most simple black leggings and black 3/4 sleeve top, which are pretty much available everywhere. I'd recommend H&M or New Look. 

Then to finish the outfit I bought a new flip iPhone case from a store on Etsy called iFashionAccessory. They have the most perfect, unique phone cases I've ever seen. Thought it looks very Alexander McQueen inspired. £16.97

Then on the day I will probably do some simple winged eyeliner and I might team it with MAC & Lorde Pure Heroine lipstick. If I'm feeling brave. If I'm not, I'll do a nude lip with a slightly darker eye.

Hope you've enjoyed :)



  1. Looks like a cute outfit, I really like the crescent moon choker!


  2. Thank you! It's lovely isn't it? Etsy is really good for things like that