Lush Review: D'Fluff

 Hiya everyone! Hope you're all okay.
Over the weekend I was walking through Milton Keynes and took an inevitable trip to Lush. I swear, I try to avoid it but it literally pulls me in. Like a magnet. *cry*Now, Shaving is something a lot of people choose to do and to be honest, it is such a pain in the arse. I don't know about anyone else, but my hair grows back so quickly I end up feeling spiky the next day. Much dislike.
I picked up 3 items and the one I'm going to talk about today is D'Fluff! Their beautiful strawberry shaving soap.

D'fluff is a gorgeous pink shaving soap safe for use all over your body. Reminds me of strawberry angel delight. So smooth and creamy with a delicious smell of strawberries.
Made with fresh strawberries, cocoa butter, golden syrup, egg whites and coconut oil.
A lot of shaving products I've been excited about and used have completely flopped and underwhelmed me. D'Fluff managed the complete opposite, I went into it thinking I wouldn't really like it but I was so wrong. D'Fluff Strawberry Shaving Soap is available in two sizes; 70g for £5.75 and 150g for £9.95. I purchased the 150g, just because I thought 70g wouldn't be enough. But, to be honest, I can see how 70g would last a decent amount of time. You only need a small amount when using this product, which is always a good thing.You lather up your desired amount in your hands, smooth over the area you'll be shaving and you're golden. Leaves you feeling incredibly smooth, when most other shaving products have left my skin feeling irritated and dry.
I would definitely, 100% recommend this to anyone. I will definitely, without a doubt be re-purchasing! Try it, you wont regret it!



  1. I've never tried anything from Lush! This product sounds great :)

    New post on my blog it'll mean the world to me if you check it out :)