Coco Chanel

Hiya everyone! Hope you're okay.

So today I thought I would talk about one of my absolute favourite perfumes of all time.
Seeing as it's coming up to the colder weather now, I thought this perfume would be particularly perfect to go into detail about.

Obviously this is Coco Chanel Noir. One of three "Coco" perfumes from Chanel. The others being "Coco" and "Coco Mademoiselle"
All three perfumes hold a very special place in my heart. The original Coco, is where it all began for me.
*prepare for backstory*
I was about 14/15 I had a best friend I hung out with all day, every day. You know, when you're really close to one specific friend, you become close to their family too. You almost become their adopted child. Her mum is one of the loveliest, caring, warm people I've ever met and I really do consider her a "third mum" (third because I already have my mum and step mum)
Anyway, she was in a jazzy/slow/classic rock band and she did a lot of gigs around our area. She would always invite me come with them, to the festivals she played and to the pubs and bars the band performed in. I felt like some kind of badass because me and my friend were aloud "backstage" and always sat with the band.
I always viewed her mum as really glamorous, someone I'd like to be when I was older. I remember one night in particular we were at a gig with her. Her and her band looked incredible, in the dimly lit dressing room area showing off the fact both the women in the band had spayed hair glitter all in their hair, sparkling beautifully, While applying their red lipstick. Then her mum came over and just before she went on stage she gave us a hug and she smelled absolutely incredible. Warm, comforting, spicy. How she always smelled. I later found out this gorgeous smell was the original Coco Chanel. From then on, when ever I smelled anyone wearing the fragrance I automatically felt warm and comforted. When I turned 17 I saved up money from the part time job I was working and bought my first bottle of Coco. Several empty bottles of each Coco fragrance later, they've become my signature scents and will always have a place on my dressing table.

The original Coco fragrance is a balsamic, warm spicy and powdery scent. Classic elegant Chanel. The type of fragrance that is instantly recognisable. Like a gorgeous spicy incense. For me, I can wear it all year round but even I will admit, it's just perfect for winter and cool evenings. It's warming, cosy and familiar. To me, it smells like Bonfire parties and Christmas. Probably because I wear it everyday around that time of year.
The main notes of this perfume according to Fragrantica are: Cloves, Amber, Rose, Sandalwood, Tonka Bean, Vanilla, Jasmine, Coriander, Peach and Mandarin blossom.

Coco Mademoiselle is like the younger sister of original Coco. This one I find is more wearable during warmer seasons. The first bottle I had I took with me to Magaluf (yes, my shameless party holiday, don't judge) in 2009 and I used nearly the entire bottle. It's one that I'd probably buy for someone a bit younger. Late teens and upwards I'd say.
The main notes of this are: Jasmine, Patchouli, Orange, Rose, Bergamot, Musk, Vanilla and Iris.

Then the third variant is Coco Chanel Noir. The newest fragrance in the collection. This to me, is like a combination of the two previous Coco fragrances. It's still Balsamic and spicy like Coco but It's also got the Patchouli and Bergamot notes, like Mademoiselle. Then Chanel gave this fragrance it's own twist by adding Olibanum, Geranium and Grapefruit. I've seen a few people say they were disappointed with this fragrance but I have to completely disagree. Chanel have hit it out of the park again for me, what I love about the Coco collection is, they all have their differences but when someone walks past you wearing either of the three fragrances, you know they're wearing Coco Chanel. The one thing I will say that annoys me, is that the bottle is black. Which means I can't see how much I have left. But other than that, it's a winner.
It's classy, elegant, spicy, warming and definitely has those niche qualities that separate it from everything else on the perfume market. Perfect for winter, compliments the cold weather.
This one also gets a lot of attention from the men. I've received the most compliments wearing this one, I'm not sure what they like about Noir but, they do!

Hope you've enjoyed reading about my favourite perfumes. What's your singniture scent?



  1. Love this perfume!! I love Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb :) That's my signature scent!! :)



  2. One perfume I haven't smelt and now I really want too! xx

  3. I'll have to smell this as it sounds amazing! I really love Marc Jacobs perfumes. xx

    1. Yes make sure you do! Oooh I love Marc Jacobs. Daisy is amazing.x

  4. Smelt this in the airport a couple of weeks ago and thought it was fantastic! I also loved YSL Black Opium too - two to go on my christmas list I think! x

    1. Oh my gosh, yes! Black Opium is beautiful .x