Gucci Flora

Hiya everyone! Hope you're all okay!

So recently I have started a new job. Now that I am all settled in I am able to finally enjoy the perks of pay day.

Obviously that means, I can head out and start to build up my perfume collection again! If you've been following me for a while you'll know I have a serious perfume obsession and I really love building up a collection. A lot of my perfumes had gone off, from where I stupidly had them on a shelf in direct sunlight. Doh!
So now I am on a mission to build up the collection again.

Last Friday I went out and braved the Black Friday sales. Luckily, I managed to go quite late at night. Which helped me to receive the benefits of all the good deals and price cuts but no people pushing me out of the way. Mwahaha. I managed to pick up this 30ml bottle of Gucci Flora for just £33.00! When it usually sells at around £44 for 30ml. I am so glad I managed to get a deal on this one because I was actually thinking about getting it again for a while.

Gucci Flora is such a beautiful and recognisable scent. It really reminds me of Winter. I can only wear it in Winter as I find it too 'warm' and heavy for Spring/Summer. I do think I'm being a bit weird though because I've checked out perfume websites and they all recommend this fragrance for spring and summer but, whatever. Haha!
It's described as a Floral, Citrus and Fresh fragrance. Personally when I smell it I cannot detect any Citrus notes at all, my nose must be off. To me it smells very warm, floral and quite cosy. It's such a beautifully unique and classy fragrance, to me it has the same classy and recognisable feel as Chanel. When someone walks past you wearing a Chanel fragrance, you know they're wearing Chanel, and this is exactly the same for me. There is nothing around that smells similar to Flora.

When the House of Giannini were designing Flora, they decided the bottle would be hexagon shaped and that the fluid would be the colour of "
champagne nuance" I suppose that gorgeous Champagne colour is another small touch that makes this perfume feel so classy.



  1. I've read a lot about this scent and have been dying to give it a try! Thanks for such a detailed post :)

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  2. This is my favourite perfume of all time :)
    - C
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  3. I need to smell ittttttttttttttttt. lol xox

  4. I love the packaging, such a stunning fragrance.

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