Favourite Summer Nail Colours!

Hiya! I hope you're okay! 

I'm sooo unbelievably happy it's Friday tomorrow. I started a new job at the beginning of the week and I am SHATTERED.

Anyway while I've been there, I've been receiving so many compliments on my nail varnish! I tend to switch up the colour quite often, I absolutely love buying new bottles of polish and trying them out. I've found seven shades lately that I adore. I'm quite a pale person (English, Irish and Scottish genes, hallelujah) so finding a colour that makes me look tanned and doesn't wash me out, is defintiely welcome in my house!

I thought I'd quickly talk about the colours I've been enjoying the most because they always manage to surprise me! I forget how much I adore them until I use them again.

  1. Barry M - Bright Pink
    This colour is stunning! A proper Barbie pink! Without the unfortunate blue undertone that most "Barbie pink" colours come with. It suits my skin tone, while letting me rock my Barbie nails. *hair flip emoji*
  2. Barry M - Pink Iridescent
    This is another stunner from Barry M. Shock. Their whole collection is stunning, I think they're such good quality for the amount you're actually paying for them. I've had polishes that have been double, even triple the price, and they've been awful. This is a fine glitter varnish that I like to layer over every single colour in this post. Especially coral/pink colours. It adds an amazing pop to your nails.
  3. Sally Hansen - Peach Of Cake
    This colour is a really rich, creamy peach colour. Sometimes peach colours can look a bit funny on my skin tone, but this really works for me. Pure Summer in a bottle!
  4. Sally Hansen - Cafe Au Lait
    This colour is honestly stunning all year round, but I've been crushing on it this Summer. A light brown nude colour, similar to MAC "Abalone Shell" it is perfect for a classy, understated look.
  5. Essie - Style Hunter
    I first discovered this colour because I went to London Fashion Weekend, and this gorgeous varnish was part of the VIP gift bags. It's a deep Crimson/Raspberry colour with high shine. It is definitely perfect for summery hands!
  6. Butter London - Trout Pout
    I am so head-over-heels in love with this colour. It is a thick, opaque, creamy coral/salmon shade. It makes me look SO tanned! My friend borrowed this, her skin tone is a lot darker than mine and it looked totally flawless on her. it is definitely something that suits all skin tones perfectly.
  7. Mavala - Waikiki Orange 169
    I get very unsure with Orange tones. Sometimes they can be quite streaky or make me look really pale. This does the exact opposite, I feel like I'm actually in Hawaii when I wear this. Definitely tops the feeling of being sat at a desk at work!

    I hope you've enjoyed this list! Leave a comment and tell me about your favourite nail colours! I could always do with more recommendations :)



  1. Ah I'm loving the Butter London one! So so gorgeous! Need to find me one before the summer is over haha :) xx

    Jess | Jess in Retrospect

    1. It is stunning! They stock Butter London in Boots :D xx

  2. Love the Sally Hansen ones, perfect for summer :) x


    1. They are gorgeous! I recommend them to anyone. Such a nice formula xx