Jo Malone

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Today I thought I'd take some time to talk about one of my favourite brands, and one of my favourite perfumes of all time.

I hadn't ever come across Jo Malone as a brand before I started taking long walks around Selfridges and Liberty. A couple of years ago, I discovered a real passion for those stores. Beautiful clothes, beauty products and fragrances as far as the eye can see. I stumbled across the Jo Malone counter, I really enjoyed the perfumes and candles but I didn't think much more about them as I was overwhelmed by everything else around me.

A little while later, I started really researching and learning more about niche fragrances, rather than always buying the usual perfumes that are sold on the high street. I decided I wanted to start venturing into that side of the market a little bit more, so I wandered back to the Jo Malone counter with my first 'big purchase' in mind.

For a long time I was stuck deciding between two of Jo Malone's fragrances that I really wanted. Rose Water & Vanilla and Amber & Patchouli.

Eventually after a painfully long debate, I made the choice. I purchased Rose Water & Vanilla cologne intense. It was Summer time, I just felt like this fit my lifestyle better at the time. (Don't worry Amber & Patchouli, I'll be back for you asap. k thanks)

Jo Malone colognes will set you back a cool £100 but they are well, well worth every penny. I fall head over heels in love with this scent every time I smell it. The Rose Water and Vanilla together smells like gorgeously sweet Turkish Delight, while really subtle notes of Smoke and Musk keep it smelling like a 'grown up' fragrance. In the heat of Summer, this smells absolutely divine. It's definitely a perfume that gets better with heat.

Unfortunately, Rose Water & Vanilla has been discontinued from the Jo Malone line. Now I know what you're thinking. Gemma, why have you just told me about this perfume when it's not available anymore?! Well, if you hunt around online, it is still available for purchase. I've purchased it from Ebay before. Just be extremely careful who you're buying from, message them, read their reviews & feedback score.

Jo Malone is now sold in most John Lewis stores! Make sure you go and have a sniff of their fragrances because they are absolutely gorgeous. Real "stand out" scents, totally unlike anything else you smell other people wearing.


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  1. I haven't smelt Rose Water and Vanilla but it sounds wonderful! Have you heard of Jo's new brand - Jo Loves? I've done a post on my blog about it :) Lauren -