Makeup Revolution Iconic Pro 2 Palette

Hiya! Hope you're good.

Lately I've been building up an insane amount love for this gorgeous palette. So many stunning shades and only £6. No brainer.

As you can probably see from the image above, it is well loved. I don't like it when make-up is shown on blogs as a "favourite" and it's really pristine and perfectly clean. PLEASE. I'm sorry, that is not me haha! My favourite make-up is always messy and well used.

The above picture is a row of swatches from the top line of the palette. They are all matte shades and ALL super pigmented. Usually in these palettes I end up really disappointed with at least one colour that doesn't swatch well. All of these swatches are one swipe with my finger over the colour, and rubbed onto my arm to blend it on. Amazing right?!
My current favourites are the peach and the purple colour. The peach looks amazing blended through the crease of your eye, and a little glitter over the top. Really simple but lovely.

This is a row of swatches from the bottom line of the palette. They're a little harder to photograph as they're all metallic/glittery shades. They're just as pigmented as the top row of shadows, I was so, so surprised by the quality. Every colour is stunning, there are some beautiful bronze shades and one shade in from the right, a really beautiful deep green with gold glitter running through it.

I'm really getting into eye shadow palettes at the moment, if you can recommend some more for me to try... please leave a comment! :)



  1. These look amazing, definitely need to try one of their palettes soon!
    A Blushing Beauty Blog x

    1. Do it! They are soo good. Amazing quality for the amount of money you're spending :) x