My Pandora Story

Hiya! I hope you're okay.

Today I thought I'd tell a little bit of a story about my Pandora Bangle. I've read a few posts about other people's Pandora charms, and I love reading them because they're always so unique and personal. I thought I'd write one too!

This bangle means the whole world to me, there is so much sentimental value in this one item of jewellery! I think that's what I enjoy the most about Pandora bracelets. I first got my bracelet on Christmas in 2014, and since then I've been adding charms as I've got them. Every charm was a gift from either my Dad or my Nan. You'll definitely notice a bit of a green obsession going on here.

This is one of two clover charms I have on my bangle. This is the only charm that isn't from my Dad, my Nan bought me this one after I'd come back from Ireland. I've been to Dublin a few times and I am absolutely in love with it. Anyone who knows me at all will know how much I'm in love with Ireland. I'm definitely going to get more of these dangly charms, they're gorgeous!

This is my second clover charm. The first charm I ever got, actually. When my Dad bought the bangle, he got this charm too. Again for the same reason above! I'd just been to Ireland before getting this. I love the coloured glass beads, something about the deep colour and shiny-ness totally mesmerises me! Hahah, ah I'm easily pleased.

This was a gift from my Dad on my last birthday. Me and my Dad have a bit of an inside joke with cats. He has two cats, we always jokingly meow to each other. I dunno, I can't even explain it. It'll probably sound so weird to anyone else but it means a lot to me - which is why I'm glad I have that symbolised on here too. Plus, the kitty is super cute.

This was a gift for Christmas 2015. It's a gorgeous silver heart with my birthstone in the middle. Luckily, my birthstone is Peridot, which is green. It fits the theme perfectly.

I adore the fact you can build up a bracelet like this, customise it completely, and have it be from someone special. Every charm represents a certain moment you've shared with them, or it represents something you love. I am so grateful to have these little gifts and reminders with me all the time. I'm hoping to get one started with my Mum too. Probably a rose gold one.

When I add more charms over time or start new bracelets, I will keep you updated!
Each charm is around £25-£40, and the bangle costs £55. If you fancy getting your mits on one too :)