3 Favourite Highlighters

Hiya! I hope you're okay.

I have a serious love for highlighters. Honestly I want to step out of my front door and I want aliens to see me from space, I want them to think they're being called HOME.

I've been using 3 in particular lately, so I thought I'd quickly talk about them!
  1. MAC - Luna £17.00
    This is the only cream highlighter I use. I tend to lean more towards powder highlighters, but this one has won me over. As you can see, pan is unfortunately very visible. Luna is a gorgeous cool, silver highlighter. I mean, MAC call this a 'cream colour base' but, whatever. Potato-potato.
    Sometimes for extra glow I will mix this with my liquid foundation before applying it.
  2. Makeup Revolution - Radiant Light "Glow" £5.00
    Now I know you see this dark gold colour and probably cringe. Trust me, you don't come out looking like you've done 50 hours on a sunbed. This applies quite lightly and is easily layered. It gives you a gorgeous "I wish I was on a tropical beach but here I am instead" kind of glow.
  3. Makeup Revolution - Strobing Highlighter "Moon Glow Lights" £3.00
    This is an absolutely gorgeous product. The colour, the formula and even the presentation. You open up a new pot and it looks like wrinkled silk sheets. Beautiful.
    The colour pay off is a very light pink, which is easily built up.

    These are definitely the three highlighters that I am loving at the moment, I cannot get enough. I'm always looking to try something new, leave a comment below and recommend something! :)



  1. I've not tried any of these yet but they all look great!
    I'm especially interested in the MAC one, I need to get myself a silver toned highlighter, so i may try this one out, thank you! X


    1. Oh yeah! Definitely try it out. Benefit High Beam is a gorgeous silvery highlighter too x

  2. The Moon Glow lights looks purdy. Thanks for the picks!

    1. It is stunning, I definitely recommend it x

  3. Love your post !