Lip Injections - The Truth!

Hi! I hope you're okay.

Today I am talking about something I have spent FIVE YEARS researching and thinking about. Five years, I am not exaggerating. If you've read the title I'm sure you know, I am talking about lip fillers!
I will give you a backstory and all of that but first and foremost, If for some reason you don't like anything like this or you have some strong negative vibes going on today, please don't bother reading. This is not for you. Also if you don't like swollen/bruised body parts, this probably isn't for you.

I scoured the depths of the internet and one thing I realised was, there aren't that many 'honest' reviews surrounding lip fillers. The person talking about it will tell you all about the procedure and then skip like, a week ahead. Totally avoiding the recovery period. So I thought I'd put together a post about my experience and what I've found has helped me start healing.

So, let's start from the beginning...


In 2011 I enrolled onto a college diploma, where I studied an in depth make-up course. High end, fashion make-up. Make-up for weddings, camouflage, TV and Film make-up, special effects.. everything you can think of, I was learning it. During the course, I payed a lot of attention to my own face. Sadly, it is a very shallow industry and I spent a lot of my time unfortunately focusing on the flaws of my face. Well, one in specific. My natural lips aren't balanced very well. The edges of my top lip tuck under when I smile or laugh, and one side is slightly higher than the other. This didn't bother me before make-up, but as I fell in love specifically with lip art, I fell out of love with the shape of my lips. I just spent a lot of time wishing I had a better canvas to work with.

For 5 years I spend time researching and reading about fillers, but never got around to doing it. Until now. On the 26th October I went for an appointment with Florence Ray. One of the nicest women I've ever dealt with in the industry. I spent a lot of time speaking to different clinics and different practitioners, none of them really felt very personal. I felt like another number and I felt like they didn't really care. Rachel at Florence Ray was totally different. She asked me what I was looking for, took the time to listen and input her professional opinion as well. After the consultation I decided to have them done on the same day. I sat down with some numbing cream all around my mouth as Rachel just explained some more about the product she was injecting. We wen't for Juvaderm, which is one of the most popular fillers. It is made up of Hyaluronic acid, which is a natural product already sound in the body's tissues. This is why the injections are only permanent, lasting around 3-6 months. Dependant on body metabolism/the rate your body breaks it down.

The above picture shows my natural lips before any procedure. I know there was nothing drastically wrong with them. I just fancied a bit more of a canvas to work with. Who doesn't want to be a bit poutier ;)

Soo we started with the injections and I know the question most people will ask around here... "Did it hurt?"

Yes. It hurt. It isn't being kissed on by cute little Irish leprechauns or brushed on by fairy eyelashes. They are needles. In your mouth. I will say, it isn't unbearable. I'd say a tattoo is probably more painful than this. It's a pain you can't really describe, it makes your eyes water a bit as it does sting, but it's over quickly and the results are so worth a little discomfort.
Once the procedure is over, Rachel asked me to look in the mirror and see if I like them. More importantly, she more than welcomed my input. If I wanted to change anything, she would have changed it. However, I didn't feel it was necessary.

The picture above is a picture of my lips about 20 minutes-half an hour after the procedure. Swollen and red AF. I was cutting about feeling like Kylie Jenner, or that lil guy from Monsters Inc who gets his mouth sucked by that machine.

I was instantly in love, head over heels in love with my new lips. Really even, no lumps or bumps. Which, by the way, was my biggest fear. I read plenty of those horror stories where people got hard lumps in their lips. To my amazement, they feel completely normal. Totally natural, like my lips. Just bigger.

The above picture shows my lips 24 hours after the procedure. The bruising is starting to set in, but the redness has completely died down. Phew.
The only painful part of this stage is when you try to eat, and you open your mouth wide. Then you get a stinging reminder that you've stabbed your lips several times. Nothing too
bad though. They just feel a bit tight.

These two final pictures show my lips today, 48 hours after the procedure. I look like I've been punched right in the kisser. Other than that, the swelling has nearly gone. They're starting to settle down and feel completely normal again. No more tightness.
Every injection site seems to have it's own purple/blue bruise. #GalaxyLips #Goals

Honestly, if you've been thinking about getting lip fillers, go for it. They're temporary, the procedure is much less painful than I anticipated, and the recovery is really easy. I booked a week off work and I would advise around the same amount of time, if you're trying to hide the fact you've had them done from your colleagues. If you don't mind, you can work the next day! Just embrace those bruises.

Oh and the procedure was £300. £50 deposit and £250 for the 1ml syringe. I don't know why most posts I've seen about lip fillers, people are so reluctant to reveal what they paid.

Lil Tips:

  • Stock up on Vaseline. No article I ever read told me this, but my lips have been getting pretty dry. Keep Vaseline to hand. Any other chap stick will work, just don't use anything with a stinging/irritating effect.
  • Drink a lot of water. Rachel actually told me this as she was explaining the product. Juvaderm works by drawing some of the body's water molecules to the area to improve fullness. If you're noticing they're looking a bit flat, drink some water and they'll plump up. You will notice a change in the size if you get dehydrated.
  • Do your research!! Research the person you're thinking of going to. Check out their qualifications and client reviews. Check out their before/after pictures.
  • When healing for the first couple of days, say words beginning with "W" very softly. Trust me. They hurt.
  • Don't worry too much about product lumps. They can be massaged, this helps to spread the product out a bit more.
  • Remember that if you're not happy with the finished product, Juvaderm can be dissolved. A product called Hyaluronidase will remove the product if you really don't like what you see.

    I hope someone out there finds this informative! Comment down below if you have any other questions :)




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