Be A Gal Pal

Hey! I hope you're okay.

Recently I've had what you might call a "Twitter Spring clean" I've ditched the negative and inactive accounts and I've followed a bunch of new people! It's quite liberating actually. Considering I'm just celebrating my EIGHTH Twitterversary, it can be needed when the timeline becomes a bit stale.
Anywho, I've been overwhelmed by some of the people I've followed, more specifically, the girls!

I have spent the last month or so opening Twitter to be surrounded by women openly, organically, sincerely appreciating other women. Girls retweeting other girl's selfies and calling them beautiful. Now, this might not sound like something new to some lasses, but to me it's something completely alien. Unfortunately some of my colleagues and some other people I spend time around in every day life are very openly, harshly judgemental when it comes to other women.

I would type away my day at work while I was forced to listen to these grown ass women bitch and moan about other women. Mainly celebrities and women they don't know, but sometimes other women who work in other departments around the office. Mindless things like "What IS the wearing", slut shaming or bitching that someone has gained weight.
Do you have any idea how much that drained my happiness? Oh my gosh. I didn't notice it at first but towards the end of my time there I was nothing but miserable. I ended up at the doctors and councillors trying to deal with severe anxiety. Granted I do not blame any people in my office for that, but I am certain it contributed in some small way.

Now honey I know, I'm no saint. I'll admit that just like everyone in the world, I have judged other girls for wearing something I didn't like or saying something I didn't agree with. However, I hereby swear that from now until forever, I am making a conscious effort to become a "gal pal"

A girl, a woman, a friend that other women need in their lives.

You post a cute selfie? Best be sure I'm going to like and compliment that shit.
You wear a bomb ass outfit? Best be sure I'm going to compliment you.
You had some good sex? Yaaas hun!!
You get promoted or succeed in any way in your life? Best believe I'm rooting for you! Even if it's from a far... I'll make it known that I'm happy for you.

I've made a conscious effort to start complimenting people in the street, on the TUBE (First person to ever talk to other commuters in London? Who knows, maybe) seriously though let me tell you, seeing how happy just a simple smile or compliment can make people, even if it's just for a split second. It's addicting. A legal high.

Join me! Stop the judging. Stop the competing. Let's continue building each other up instead of tearing each other down.

Till next time.


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