Makeup Inspired By Album Art

Hey! I hope you're okay.

So it's a bit of a random post today. I've been playing around a bit more with makeup recently and I've been taking my inspiration from my favourite album art! Now I know, this has been done before, but I think that's the beautiful thing about art and makeup. Although it has been done many times, you'll never see the same thing twice. Different people interpret and create art in different ways and I love seeing it. You might have 100 people doing a makeup look based on 'so&so's' new album art, but you're going to be looking at 100 different results based around that one piece of artwork. It's pretty special.

Now, those of you who really know me will know that I am actually a qualified makeup artist. I fell out of love with makeup for a long time and fortunately I am quickly regaining my passion. I'm about to write a post about my makeup studies and the whole 'falling out of love' situation so, hold tight for the back story. Unfortunately it lead to me throwing out a lot of my makeup and now I'm scratching together to start building my collection again. Please bear with me, I work with limited products but I make it werk. At least, I think I do.
All products are linked through the text :)

So this was my take on Harry Styles' new album artwork. Personally I love working with orange-y pink tones so this was right up my street. First I swiped a light peach eye shadow all over my eye lid and up to the eye brow as a nice even base for the rest of the look. Then I layered a pink blush over the peachy powder, concentrating mostly on the outer corner of my eye, and the crease. This was a pink creme blush from Makeup Revolution. They blend really well with powders which was a pleasant surprise, I was expecting it to turn out quite chalky! I took the peach eye shadow and really built it up into the inner corner of my eye, then I layered Graftobian Orange glitter over the top of the peach. After that I just blended some Jeffree Star 'Ice Cold' highlighter onto the brow bone and I was done!
Really simple but such gorgeous colours. This would be a look I'll wear out for sure.

This is my take on The Rolling Stones "Blue & Lonesome" album art. I love the bright, bold colours on this cover and to be quite honest, I don't play with really bold colours enough. First of all I painted the crease of my eye lid with a red Aquacolour paint by Kryolan. Then I painted my eye lid with the royal blue colour in the same Aquacolour palette. I really loved how the corner of this album has a hint of purple where the blue and red meet, so I blended the crease and eye lid together with the purple shadow from the Sleek i-Lust Hidden Gems palette. I outlined the shadow with MUA white liner to make the whole look stand out, and finally I used Jeffree Star REDRUM on my lips.

I hope you've enjoyed this random lil post and please leave any suggestions of album art you'd like me to recreate next.


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