Makeup Revolution "Chocolate & Peaches" Palette

Hiya! I hope you're okay!

I wanted to chat a lil bit about this gorgeous piece of art. The "Chocolate & Peaches" palette by Makeup Revolution.

Would you just *look* at that. LOOK AT IT. I am such a sucker for peachy/orangey/neutral toned eye shadows soo this feels like it was made for me. This was designed by Makeup Revolution and it was clearly inspired by the Too Faced "Sweet Peach" palette.
I know some people can be slightly against 'dupes' because they feel like one company has 'copied' from another, but I think dupes are incredible and so important for the industry. They're inclusive. When I'm checking out dupes I always think about makeup lovers who don't have enough money to be forking out a hot £39 for one eye shadow palette. Dupes like this allow people to experience makeup, no matter their wealth.

The "Chocolate & Peaches" palette costs just £7.99. SEVEN NINETY NINE. Mind blown.
I've done a lil swatchy swatch on ma arms for you right here:

This palette is absolutely stunning. The shades, the shades hunny! They're so pigmented. Every single shadow is top quality. Sometimes in palettes a few shades can be a bit off. They wont have the same pigmentation as the others etc. The quality of these shadows is consistant the whole way through. Makeup Revolution have never done wrong by me. I am such a fan and this palette just reminded me why.

If you're finding finances quite tight at the moment but you still want to play around with makeup, get your hands on the "Chocolate & Peaches" palette and serve some  L O O K S. Tag me in them too obvs :)


Til next time.

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