Weight Loss Diary - Week 1

Hiya! I hope you're alright.

I've been running over the idea of starting this blog series for a while now, and I've decided, I'm just going for it! This is going to be an open, honest, detailed account of my weight loss journey. Yikes. I will be uploading a new post every Friday and I'll explain why in a lil bit.

DISCLAIMER: Let me just state, this is my journey. I am doing this for me and my confidence. I do not think that any size is 'ugly' or unacceptable. Not at all. If you're small, skinny, slender, gr8 hun you work it. If you're big, curvy, chubby, gr8 hun you work it.
I am doing this for my health and my well being. Not to shame anyone else.

I'm sat here writing this right now, hiding indoors from the 29 degree heat! Can you believe it. Hiding away from gorgeous pub gardens. Hiding away from picnics and road trips. 
I am 'hiding' because Summer and heat has become unbearable for me. For a long time I have struggled with my weight but it has become something I simply cannot live with anymore! I've gained a lot of weight over the past few years and enough is enough. Time for change.
I can't wear short sleeves, I can't show my legs, my arms, my tummy, anything. I remain covered up because I wouldn't be able to leave the house knowing that any unsightly parts are on show.
I don't want to look in the mirror and hate everything I see anymore. I don't want to get frustrated every time I go clothes shopping because nothing fits me nicely. I want to dress how I want to dress, and I want to show some damn skin!

So I'm specifying my goal, online, openly to who ever decides to read this:

Next Summer, I want to go out in either shorts or a playsuit and I want to feel HAPPY doing it. I want to start dressing to reflect my 'personal style' instead of tactically choosing clothes because they cover certain areas. I want to turn my blog into a beauty/lifestyle AND fashion blog. I want to upload OOTDs and talk about clothes I've bought.
Most importantly, I just want to be comfortable 'living my life'. I don't want to be worrying that people are staring at me because I'm 'so ugly'.

So there ya go. My first weight loss diary! *deep sigh of relief*

Start weight: 15 stone (Rounded up slightly) UK size 18
Current weight: 15 stone
Amount lost: 0
Goal UK dress size: 10-12

I will be posting updates every Friday because I get weighed every Friday! I am doing a mixture of Slimming World and Slim Fast. I'll explain more next time.

See you next Friday!


  1. Good luck with your weight loss journey ❤️ It's hard at first but eventually it will get better

    1. Thank you so much ❤️ I really appreciate the encouragement! It's very difficult but I'm determined! x