Weight loss diary: Week Two

Hiya! I hope you're okay.

Ooookay so this week's weight loss diary might as well be called "fail diaries" week 2. Hahah!
No it isn't quite as bleak as I make out. However I was ready and geared up to get on with this journey and suddenly, BAM. I start PMSing and subsequently, starting my period.
Isn't. Life. Grand.
Fortunately Summer has been kind to me. Thanks to 30+ degree heat, my appetite has seriously diminished. I've pretty much survived this week eating just super noodles and spinach for dinner. I'm not kidding that was dinner, all week. I know I know, not the healthiest meals to be consuming. A minuscule amount of calories and not much variation to be enjoying either. Food has been, uninteresting! Not much to report here.

However, there is something to report when it comes to exercising. I've really been enjoying Yoga. I've been following different yoga session videos from Yoga With Adriene! She is an absolutely incredible teacher. I started her videos as an absolute beginner and I'm already seeing improvements. She's incredibly funny and down to earth, someone you'd want to listen to every day.

Sorry for the short diary this week, it's been a bit of a shambles all around.
Start weight: 15 stone (Rounded up) UK size 18
Current weight: 14 stone 12 pounds
Amount lost: 2 pounds!
Goal UK dress size: 10-12

Till next time,

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