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A mahooooosive thank you to Megan at Love, Megan Anne for tagging me in the Bloggers Recognition Award! It completely blows me away that I would even be considered or thought of by anyone else, mind extremely blown. I am so so thankful Megan! Make sure you go and check her blog out if you haven't before!

Lipstick Soul: Humble Beginnings:

In the words of the Mad Hatter & the March Hare "start at the beginning, and when you get to the end, stop." A fantastic place to start I might add.
I started Lipstick Soul in 2014 when I was just getting back into makeup. The reason I say 'getting back into makeup' is a story I've never really told in detail before and I guess now is a good a time as any.
In 2012 I was studying a "Theatrical, Special Effects, Hair and Media makeup Diploma" I was training to be a makeup artist. It wasn't a beauty course! A lot of people mix those up. I can't do facials or massages and I can't wax, thread or remove unwanted hair. I am trained to do makeup for TV, film, stage, high fashion shows and photo shoots, weddings etc. I was about a year and a half into my course and my unthinkable happened. I noticed I was falling out of love with makeup and the general makeup industry. It took me a while to realise that it was down to the attitude of my tutors. These people were industry professionals. They'd worked on very well known TV shows and films, they'd worked with A-List clients, but they had very toxic attitudes towards the industry. Maybe without even knowing they were doing it. They bad mouthed the treatment of makeup artists to a point where I just couldn't find the energy to turn up to college anymore. I know that they need to tell the truth and get rid of unrealistic expectations, but they really did go overboard and made me totally turn away from makeup.
As a result, I dropped out of the course 6 months before my completion date. Looking back, that is one of my biggest regrets but also it introduced me to the blogging world. Silver linings n all that.
I started to collect makeup again. I started to pick up brushes and tools and experiment with makeup again. I was looking for a place to express my creativity and my love for beauty and skin care, and it was actually my Mum who suggested I start a blog!
Since then I have been recognised by highly respected makeup brands, I've worked with amazing companies, I've had some incredible opportunities and this is just the beginning. Most importantly I have met some of the sweetest, most supportive people through blogging. I am forever grateful for the way things have turned out.

Two pieces of advice:
1. Keep Pushing. I know it's tough when you put a post out there and it doesn't seem to get much interaction or recognition. I know it absolutely sucks when you see other bloggers doing so well that it makes you question your ability. I know it sucks when you're sitting wracking your brain for something to write about, but writers block just has you stumped. Trust me you are good enough and this happens to EVERYONE. Every blogger's 'time' comes and yours will too. Keep writing about your passion and eventually you'll start noticing more engagement and more support from like-minded people.

2. Be yourself. I suppose these two pieces of advice go hand in hand. Be yourself. Write like yourself. The biggest tip that I use, is to write like you're talking to a friend. Not a group of friends, just one really close friend. It makes the post you're writing seem so much more personal to whoever is reading it! As long as you're using somewhat 'professional' decent grammar, you're set. Write about things you feel something about. Even if it's a list of products you don't recommend because of bad experiences, your feelings will shine through. Just be yourself. I found at the beginning I tried to write like other bloggers. I sounded like a robot and it wasn't cute. Be you, hun.

Now for my nominations. These lovely ladies are nominated because I think they're some of the best women this lil blogging world has to offer ;)
I enjoy their blogs, I enjoy their Tweets, I enjoy them and I want to hear how their blog got started. Go and give them all some lovin'!
I am nominating:

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Til next time!

Gemma x

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