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Hiya! I hope you're okay.

My little blog, my corner of the internet has just passed it's 3rd birthday and it's lead to me thinking, what can I do next to take it up to the next level? How can I improve the overall look of my photos and how can I make everything a bit more 'me'. So I've put together this short list of products I'm currently saving up for, I thought I'd talk about them in a blog post just in case you're in the same position and you're looking for products that can take your blog and your photos to the next level.

Okay, I'll kick off with the most expensive product and work my way down! The first thing on my list is a decent camera. Probably quite obvious to most people but I've been using my iPhone camera for the past 3 years, and while that has been incredible for quality, I feel like I want to take things up a notch. The specific camera that I'm lusting after is the Lumix G 4K Compact System Camera Panasonic, and boi is it fancy. It provides 4k photos and 4k videos, it is sleek, compact and lightweight. Having my Mother working in the photography industry, I've spent time around a lot of photography obsessed people. I know a few people who have owned or do own this camera and I've only ever heard glowing reviews. Which is what originally attracted me to this camera. Their praise is backed up by pretty much all of the reviews I've managed to read online. I've been advised that it is perfect for camera 'newbs' because the controls are very simple. Which, let's be honest, I think I need. Seeing as I've only had experience with phone cameras.
I do a lot of intricate work with makeup and I need something that is really going to pick up every little detail and display every colour as true to life as possible. I have also been told that it is very easy to pick a high quality single frame from a video, which is like music to my ears because eventually I would like to start filming makeup videos. When I pluck up the courage! Picking a high quality thumbnail should be easy with this camera. I am so excited to get my little mits on it, I will definitely do a more in depth review once I've managed to save enough £££ to buy it. So watch this space.

Second on my list is, of course, a Nova Diva Ring Light. This ties in very closely to the camera I just mentioned. I find that I tend to struggle getting nice photos of my makeup looks. Up until this point I've just used natural sunlight. I can never seem find that 'perfect' lighting and I feel like now I need a piece of equipment to guarantee that I'll get good lighting no matter the weather. I know that a lot of bloggers and YouTubers use Nova Diva Ring Lights to improve the quality of their content, it was actually a YouTuber who first introduced me to it. Well, not directly, but they were talking about it in a video! Close enough ;)
The Nova is actually just the base, 'beginner' model of Diva Ring Lights, eventually I would like to move onto the Super Nova which has more features but I'd rather buy the cheapest base model and experiment from there. Blog photos are going to be LIT. Sorry. *fire emoji*

Finally, I want to talk about flat lay accessories. I never used to think about flat lay accessories, I just used to place my products onto the board and take pictures. They still looked kind of cute, but as I said, I'm all about going to that next level now. I want my photos to look more exciting and put together, rather than just having products laying on their own. The other night I was just scrolling around the internet and I found probably the best website ever. It is Not On The High Street. I've been on there before but never really had a look around. They only have a whole table decoration/accessories section!! They stock table fairy lights, table crystals, metal plates in different shapes, small candles, little storage pots, little signs... everything you could imagine. I also recommend Hobby Craft for artificial flowers and small craft essentials like sequins, gems, buttons etc. I can't wait to start jazzing up my flat lays.

So that is my plan for now, a camera, a ring light and taking up my flat lays several notches. If you have any other recommendations or if you've got plans to spice up your blog, please leave a comment and let me know.

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