#MusicMonday 21/08/2017

Hiya! I hope you're okay.

I have decided to bring a new series onto my blog! *Insert party popper emoji*
It's called 'Music Monday'
Every week I'm going to put together a new playlist that I'll post on a Monday. It'll contain an hour worth of good music that I've been loving for the past week. There will be a mixture of brand new tracks and some older songs.

Let me tell you, I am literally obsessed with music. It is one of the biggest loves in my life. Other than food. Obvs. I'm putting together these playlists to introduce others to new music, and to have somewhere I can talk about the music I love without my friends getting bored of me ;)

I've arranged the songs into the perfect order. Just let the playlist flow from the beginning, kick back and enjoy!

'til next time,


  1. let's be honest here, I have been so out of touch these sound very nice and new

  2. I love reading about playlists! I share mine on my blog too :) I am loving summer bummer. Need to check out the other songs <3


    1. Summer Bummer is so good. In fact, her whole new album is incredible. Beautiful People with Stevie Nicks, are you kidding me?! Masterpiece x