Hair Care Routine

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Oh, hair care. Unfortunately it's something I've been pretty slack with over the years! However over the past 2 years, I've been caring for my hair more than ever and the results have been shocking. My hair has been on a wild ride. I've been every colour you can imagine and at one point just over 2 years ago, it gave up the ghost. It held on to a green/blue colour I really didn't want and just started literally breaking off EVERYWHERE. That was when I decided to start from the very beginning. Have a complete do-over. I cut my hair into a long bob and didn't dye it at all for just over 2 years. I managed to get it completely back to my natural medium brown colour and I enjoyed that for a long time. Until now. I've actually started the process of going all over bleached. I'LL NEVER LEARN! Honestly I think if you've been a fan of colouring and experimenting with different shades, you'll never really stop. This time is different though, I swear. My hair care routine has been amped-up and I'll share it with you now. Including styling tools I recommend!

I guess I'll start with the tool I use the most. Hair straightener! There's just something about super sleek, straight hair that makes me happy. I feel sexy and mysterious. High fashion etc etc etccc. When I'm shopping for straighteners I always look for fancy features. I'm looking for something that is looking to work with my hair, rather than just looking to fry it off. These beautiful Panasonic Nanoe straighteners have a pretty nifty feature. Air holes at the tip of their ceramic plates which create little particles that work to prevent heat damage by controlling the moisture in your hair. Leaving your hair super silky.

Next up, a curling wand! Personally, I love curling wands with bobbly bits on the barrel. I just can't make the straight barrels work! And don't get me started on those curlers with the little bits that clip your hair to the barrel. I feel like that's just asking for split ends. These wands with bobbly barrels do all the work for you, and they stop your hair from slipping around. I'd recommend this BaByliss Diamond Radiance wand. It is perfect for creating loose, beachy waves and require no effort on your part. Bonus.

Now we get into the true hair care. If you're using the tools I've listed above, you're in desperate need of a heat protector. Especially if your hair is processed, but even natural virgin hair benefits from heat protection. I swear by this Paul Mitchell heat styler. It doesn't dry your hair out or make it feel crispy, it doesn't make it greasy either! It leaves your hair smooth and protected. Plus, it's sulphate free. Which is important.

Ah, on to my favourite shampoo IN THE WORLD. This is Kevin Murphy's Angel Wash shampoo. I've noticed such a positive different in my hair and my scalp since switching to professional sulphate free products.

"But Gemma, What made you choose to avoid sulphate in the first place?"

Well I didn't really know much about them before speaking to my hairdresser about wanting to improve my hair care routine while being bleached all over. She informed me about the bad effects sulphate can have on you. It's been known to cause scalp irritation. It can irritate acne. With sulphates being a detergent, they strip your hair of oil, but they do this too well and leave your hair dried out. Sulphate can also cause your hair colour to fade, seeing as they are there to strip your hair of oil. It has also been linked to increased hair loss. Seriously give it a lil Google. Sulphate isn't my friend anymore.

This shampoo is so gentle, delicate and caring for hair with any heat damage, split ends, colour damage etc. It's a bit of TLC for your locks. It smells beautiful and leaves your hair feeling weightless.

Another bonus step in my hair care routine are hair masks. Personally I love shopping for moisturising, repairing hair masks like Kerastase Resistance Masque or the L'Oreal Professional Vitamino Colour Jelly Mask. However, you really need to choose a mask that will benefit your personal hair type and specific needs.
I also make home-made masks out of natural oils. Coconut oil, Argan oil, Rose oil etc. There are tonnes of simple recipes on Google if you want to make your own!

I hope this helped!

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