Perfumes for Autumn and Winter

Hiya! I hope you're okay.

As I'm sure you've noticed, we have officially started descending into my FAVOURITE time of year. Crispy leaves and cool breezes are a part of our life now and I couldn't be happier.

I'm not sure about you but whenever there is a change in season, I feel like my whole 'vibe' needs to change. In Spring I tend to favour very floral and clean scents, whereas in Summer I either smell like Coconut or some fruity-ass cocktail. (Thanks Escada. If you know, you know)As soon as Autumn and Winter come around, I find myself reaching for more sexy, spicy, musky scents. Most, if not all of my friends aren't too bothered by perfume. They buy one bottle and they use that all year round until they've ran out. That's fine for some but perfume means so much more to me. I really value how a scent can make you feel. It can lift your spirits, it can have you feeling playful, sexy.. depending on what you wear, you'll feel different. At least I do anyway. There's something magical about perfume. They become little time capsules for me. They help to create memories that I can always come back to, just by revisiting an old scent.

So I'm going to write a little about four of my top perfume picks for winter! Here. We. Go.

We're starting strong. 'Obsessed' certainly is the correct word to describe how I feel about this entire list of fragrances, but none more relevant right now than this. I purchased this fragrance for the first time about 3 weeks ago and I truly am head over heels in love with it. Every time I wear it, I'm blown away. AND the compliments! The amount of compliments I get when I wear this, it's insane. It has been a long time since a perfume has done that for me, that's how you know it's a keeper.
Calvin Klein Obsessed is the perfect 'everyday' Autumn/Winter scent. It is very clean, soapy, slightly herby and definitely has subtle unisex qualities to it. To me, it honestly smells like a really hot bubble bath. That might sound a bit dodgy, but it does! It's super cozy and clean, you need this in your life. If I can convince you to smell just one of the fragrances in this list, let it be this.

Coco and I, we go way back. If we're talking about true staples in our collection, this is my OG.
It is a stunning, warm, spicy sent that seems to gently embrace the senses of everyone you meet. She's an all dayer. Spritz her on in the morning and by the end of your day, you'll still be in her company. Coco is such an iconic scent, someone can walk a mile away from me wearing it and I'll clock it immediately. Another beautiful scent if you're looking to make an impression on the people you'll meet through the day. A MASSIVE yes as a date-night perfume.
There is a huge, detailed backstory behind my love for Coco Chanel. If you'd like to read it, >click here<

Are you into Vanilla scents? Looking to find a 'grown up' Vanilla. Something that stands above all other Vanillias and says 'yes hunny, I'm here'
Have I, got a treat, for you. Serge Lutens 'Un Bois Vanille' is honestly the embodiment of cozy. Let me set the scene. You've just had a long, cold drive back home in busy traffic, maybe it's raining or even snowing outside. You get through your front door and unwrap your scarf from around your neck. Suddenly you're hit with the smell of smokey vanilla candles burning, filling the room with a glowing golden colour and you can smell sugar cookies baking in the oven.

That scene is this perfume. It's a grown up, warm, smokey vanilla that will have you feeling all kinds of cozy festive feelings. Sophisticated, sweet, unique... you won't need to go looking for your perfect vanilla after smelling this beauty.

I know you've probably just read Flora and you're thinking I've snapped. Please, just hear me out. Floral perfumes aren't just for Summer, hun! Gucci Flora is here to prove that.
To me, Gucci Flora compliments cold weather better than anything else I've experienced. The beautiful rose notes leave you feeling elegant and warm, but there is an element to this perfume that is also SO crisp. It almost seems to match the chill in the air. I wore this one Winter when it was particularly snowy and it somehow manages to match that very sharp chill that you get with snow. Warm and crisp at the same time, it is absolutely stunning and I urge you to try this out in the colder weather. It's something else.

So those are my top perfume picks for Autumn and Winter! I hope you enjoyed!

Til next time,

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