Stranger Things 2: Soundtrack

Hey! I hope you're well.

If you're a Stranger Things fanatic like yours truly, you'll know that the day we've been longing for has finally arrived. I'm a little proud to say, I've managed to binge watch the whole series in one day. DON'T worry, I am not here to spoil anything. There's a special place in hell reserved for people who spoil programmes.
I can't stress how phenomenal this show is. I was worried that a second season might ruin the magic, but I was so very wrong. Season two is just as magical as the first. They're so well made, I haven't watched a show so good in a very long time.

I won't like though, I'm left feeling a little empty. I feel like the binge did that to me, I probably should have spread it out a little. Now I'm left longing for a third season, but fear not! I've put together a playlist containing every single song that features in season two. Just something to cling on to after the binge.

I hope you enjoy the soundtrack just as much as I do! I'll just leave you with a picture of the true star of the show:

Til next time

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